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Whats My House Worth Westwood

Get the answer you want when asking, “What’s my house worth in Westwood?” I can provide it once I run a comparative market analysis for you. It’s the first step of the selling process – one in which I’ll be here to see you through with positive results. Once I determine the answer and have an asking price for your home, I can then design an attractive listing for your home and begin your home sale.

The CMA is an inspection of your home’s essential criteria and comparison to other homes. I’ll look at its size, space, rooms, age, location, structure, features, and more. Then I compare it to similar homes by residence type in your area, accounting for recent sales, new listings, and the length of listing times on homes for sale in the last three to six months. My inspection is as thorough as they come.

You could always ask, “What’s my house worth in Westwood?” to a formal appraiser. But it’ll cost you hundreds of dollars to get a thorough answer, and you won’t get the help you need when it’s time to sell. You also won’t get selling help from an online value generator, which is only there for you to enter your address into a search bar to get calculated results based on general data, not a comprehensive inspection.

During your home assessment, I can also inspect for areas of your home that could use repairs and upgrades. If you address these areas, you could potentially boost your home’s value. You’d also be helping yourself by making your home look its best for its eventual listing, as well as when potential buyers come for tours. I’m REALTOR® Sandy Nichols, and I’m here to preserve your best interests. Call me today.

  • Sandy Nichols is ready to answer, “What’s my house worth in Westwood?” today

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